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Karen Irland

Welcome to my website!

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Dear Horse Friends: 


     This web site is my chance to share the information and education I have gathered over my 45 (plus!) years in the horse world – as a competitor in multiple disciplines and a teacher. Along the way I have worked with many excellent instructors and mentors. Many of these honored teachers are gone now, and I would like to share their words of wisdom, and my own discoveries, with all interested students of the horse.  So please browse and enjoy!



Karen and Andy

"When we climb onto a horse's back, we are no longer just a two-legged being, responsible only for
ourselves. Immediately, we affect another being, our horse. WE are the direct cause of our horse's ability
to be balanced or not balanced; comfortable or uncomfortable; able to perform, or not able.
It is OUR job to be conscious of what we do in the saddle." 
 ~ Karen Irland