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Karen Irland

Welcome to my website!

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Chuck Grant

Known as the ‘Father of American Dressage,’ Chuck was the first trainer I know of who applied dressage to all disciplines.

He loved to train & teach riders from any sport, on any type of horse and was a

great mentor for me.


Photo Courtesy of USDF

Sally Swift 

Creator of Centered Riding ®, Sally has changed so many lives for the better – horse and human.     Sadly missed, she is always with me. Thank you Sally!


Photo by Wendy Murdoch

Robert Hutton, BHSI

Bob was a master at coaching horse & rider teams for eventing. He taught me interval training, how to truly get a horse fit, and master a cross-country course in competition.  I was very fortunate to study with him for so many years.

Tom Nagel

Author of ‘Zen and Horseback Riding,’ Tom has discovered the true core of the body. The information he shares, from his Zen approach, is life changing for riders.

 Major Anders Lindgren

Maj. Lindgren teaches the classically correct, gymnastic schooling of the horse. His progressive training exercises taught me to develop my horses toward self-carriage and collection the right way.

I am forever grateful!


Photo Courtesy of USDF

Carol 'Nokomis' Bearss

Native teacher and animal lover, Nokomis (Wise Elder) taught me to balance my riding and teaching life with mind, spirit and nature.