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Karen Irland

Welcome to my website!

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Karen's Favorite Things

Myler Bits:

Made for the horse’s comfort and to fit the shape of their mouth, your horse will be much happier in a Myler!  Order the Myler “Comfort Snaffle” (MB-02 & MB-04) with wide barrel, egg butt cheeks & NO cheek slots. The 5” fits most horses.


Back Relief Pads:

Skito Pads - Recommended by my horse massage gal, Skito makes a variety of quality pads & shims to help saddle fit issues.

Side Pull:

Nylon Side Pull - Nice soft inexpensive riding sidepull.   Search for 'side pull'.


Good Books:  

Body Learning: An Intro. to the Alexander Technique by Michael Gelb

Centered Riding by Sally Swift

Don't Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor

Horses are Made to be Horses by Franz Mairinger

Equine Fitness by Jec Ballou

How to Learn the Alexander Technique by Barbara Conable

Simple Pushes: Finding Balance in Life by Tom Nagel (available via Kindle at

Zen and Horseback Riding by Tom Nagel


Beyond Horse Massage with Jim Masterson  - Wonderful, gentle release work for horses

Moving into Balance, A Yoga Practice for Equestrians -  Four Stars!

Dressage Movements Revealed by Jim Masterson - Excellent & illuminating video

Qi Gong Fire and Water with Mathew Cohen - Excellent!


Salli Stool:

The ultimate 'saddle seat' stool for desk/computer work.  Sit correctly balanced and save your back while you practice your riding seat!  Designed for balanced pelvis and body alignment.  Try Ebay for deals.  Get the Salli Twin or Salli Professional Split seat.